TMJ Partners is a financial recruiter for Japan and Asia for more than 18 years. Focused on FinTech, Bitcoin, FX, Securities, Banks, Hedge Funds and Private Banks. Covering CEO, CAO, COO, CTO, CFO, CPA, Analyst, Marketer, Trader, Sales, Structuring, and Real Estate market positions in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Seoul.

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TopMoneyJobs.Com wishes to be very clear on our confidentiality policy and business focus.

No Resume/CV or name will ever be sent or disclosed by our recruiters at TMJ Partners, to any hiring client without prior approval from the candidate. Our policy is both firm and final

  • The candidate will contact us about a specific post or a general fit.
  • We will then give clear feedback suggesting possible roles and firms.
  • The candidate may choose to ask further questions about our suggestions.
  • After being given feedback, the candidate will choose which roles and firms to contact.
  • Only after getting approval from the candidate, the hiring firm will then be contacted.