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2437 - Job Japan Corporate Fintech M&A Lawyer

  • Tokyo Minato-ku
  • 18M yen + Bonus

Large Listed Japanese Corporate seeks Bilingual Japanese Lawyer candidate. This can be Japanese or Overseas bar. Needs an interest for Digital Assets (Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Defi, NFTs) in Japan.  

* Must have a strong view for new Digital Asset contracts for Cryptocurrency, NFTs, DeFi, Blockchain and other markets. The ambition to eventually help support Venture Capital or Private Equity deals internally for Japan & Asia is needed.

* Legally accreditied lawyer in Japan or overseas bar. Investment banking, equity research, private equity, or hedge fund analyst backgrounds are best. Comfort with any Financial Models is helpful only.

* Japanese & English is critical. Mainly written for contract purposes. Any level of Mandarin or Korean language abilities would be a positive plus.

* At least 10+ years work experience in TMT, Equity Research, IBD, Private Equity, Long Only Funds, or Hedge Funds, is best for those looking for this Tokyo based role. 

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